Admiralty Research Laboratory: Main Site - Queens Road


The main site of the Admiralty Research Laboratory (ARL) was towards the eastern end of Queens Road, Teddington, Middlesex, which acquired the postcode: TW11 0LN, in 1970. In comparatively recent times, Teddington was re-designated as part of the London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames with the introduction of Greater London Boroughs, from 1965. However its Postal Address area of Middlesex remained in force for some time afterwards. The London suburban town of Teddington was served by its own GPO Telephone Exchange and ARL's Telephone number was: Teddington Lock 3231.

In ARL's times, Teddington became a classic, if not desirable, London dormitory town with the distinct bonus of Bushy Park on its southern border and the River Thames to the east of the town. Teddington, just 11 miles from London, was well-served by the London Suburban (Loop) railway line to / from Waterloo.

Few knew or even suspected the impact on their everyday lives of the work carried-out by a relatively small number of scientists and technicians working (at ARL) in their town; those at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) - ARL's next-door neighbours - also played their part in the general well-being of the Nation.






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